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Museum am Salzmarkt 5 Mittenwalde

The museum of the local home association is at the historical centre of the farming village of Mittenwalde. Situated on the trade route between Dresden and Cottbus, Mittenwalde was an important trading centre for salt in the middle ages. Even today the architectural history of the restored museum building presented in the museum is a witness to the former affluence of the town. Of course, salt alone is not the theme for the diverse exhibitions g about the town’s 700-year history, which brings to account the social and economic life of the town that left behind deep traces of plague, town fires and the turmoil of the 30-year war. A highlight is the smithy built in the museum, where the ancient craft comes alive on special occasions and is demonstrated. In the museum’s garden, people can conclude their visit to the museum with coffee and cake and admire the vineyard’s 90 grape vines seen in Mittenwalde.

Foto: Museum am Salzmarkt 5 Mittenwalde


Heimatverein Mittenwalde e.V.
Salzmarkt 5
15749 Mittenwalde

Phone: (033764) 22270

Fax: (033764) 783173



Opening Hours: 

3. March - 30. April and 1. October - 9. December:

Saturday, Sunday 1 pm to 4 pm

May - September:

Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday 1 pm to 5 pm


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