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Museum "Colonist Farmyard" Großderschau

The "Colonist Farmyard" features the settlement history of Frederick II. in the Rhinluch and Dossebruch regions. Visitors are welcome to explore how people lived and worked approx. 250 years ago. The history of the region is traced all the way into the 21st century. Crafts are made palpable, and visitors can try their hand at some of the traditional crafts. It is also possible to visit the former butter academy and the colonist church. Butter academy was the nickname for the "Educational institution for the production of butter and cheese", founded by Frederick Wilhelm I. in 1732. The objective was to improve the production of cheese, milk and butter in Prussia.

Foto: Museumsverband des Landes Brandenburg e.V., Andreas Tauber

Museum Kolonistenhof
Kleinderschauer Straße 1
16845 Großderschau

Phone: (033875) 90810

Fax: (033875) 90811



Opening Hours: 

Monday - Friday  8 am to 4 pm

Saturday, Sunday  1 pm to 5 pm

November to March:

Monday - Friday  8 am to 4 pm


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